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Pearls and jewelry made of pearls

Pearls are a natural product that consists of marine and freshwater pearl perlotvorky. Pearls are in a different pastel colors to dark blue or black, but are most popular among white pearls.

Pearls, like opals multiply our negative qualities that flaunts our surroundings, but mainly us to recognize them and correct them yourself. Perla is a symbol of purity and perfection and try to find that we had the perfect man.

Caring for Pearls: Pearls can be fitted with up to when you made-up, coiffed and nevoněné a bracelet of pearls take off whenever your hands have come into contact with soaps or other chemical agents. Pearls of doing good when you wear them, as stored in a jewelry box can zmatnět. In this case, it is advisable to wipe the pearls with a dry cloth best buckskin or wool used for polishing silver.

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