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Garnet (Almadin)

Has a dark garnet red hot color is opaque, sometimes translucent.

Garnet red color of our arouses passions and desires. By grenade on the base chakra removes mental blockages in the genital area, poor blood circulation and cold, which may prevent release during intercourse or at conception. In the heart chakra helps us deliver the grenade body the necessary energy, which can be in today's hectic life deficiency. Garnet also helps us to overcome laziness or apathy, which in severe cases can reach up to burnout and depression stemming from the stereotypical life. Garnet awakens temperament and a keen interest in all living things.

In medicine it uses a grenade to harmonize fluctuations in blood pressure when wearing a necklace or pendant garnet closest heart. Furthermore grenade supports proper liver function, which produce red blood cells, which supply oxygen to organs. By garnet and leads to blood circulation in organs and skin rejuvenation which to better supply of oxygen and vitamins.

Horoscope Sign: Capricorn, Leo, Scorpio

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