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Girasol has a color reminiscent of morning fog in the mountains that is light as a feather and as impenetrable labyrinth.

Girasol is a very useful stone for meditation or relaxation. Just relax with Girasol in his hand, which induces in us inner peace and tranquility that brightens our inner senses, including sight. Sincere look on ourselves because we can themselves realize their shortcomings and life goals, where we want to go. The medicine is used girasol to regulate the flow of the lymphatic system, which washes away the toxins from the body and fats stored in the muscles. This assistance is especially useful for women, since the correct flow of lymph usually helps reduce the appearance of cellulite, orange peel People. Massage tromlovaným (, glazed) Girasole on the temples suppress headaches and migraines in initial and ongoing strong stage.

Sign Horoscope: Leo and Aquarius

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