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The shape and twist the color of ammonites may resemble a ram's horns

Ammonite is the fossilized shell of an animal that lived in ancient seas over 400 million years ago and now has close to Loděnce (Nautilus). Amonitová box is internally divided by partitions into smaller rooms where ammonite secreted gas. This gas was therefore important that the box floating in the water, as scientists believe that ammonites lived on the sea floor as mussels and other shells today, but it floated and swam in the open sea area. By how Amonit grew, thus also magnified individual chambers at the open end. However, ammonites drying ancient seas gradually died out and their cases were trapped in a metamorphic rock masses, which are rediscovered and explored not only geology, but also paleontology. Ammonites are found in smaller sizes around 5cm, but in our offer you can find ammonites and around 30 centimeters and larger. The largest ammonite has started up a size of about 160 cm, ie as a smaller adult woman.

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