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Agate stones

Agate is a large variety of species and varieties of color especially in gray and brown tones. Agate each and aspiring mineralogist or healer known by streaking that is so typical of agate.

In the esoteric is used to ground the energy body, aware of our own personalities and abilities better concentration. Agate evoke a sense of security and acts as a protector not only to us but also to our property. The distribution of agates into corners in an apartment or in the garden protects property against unwanted visitors chmatáckými. In the field of psychology agate grounding us, that helps us to feel that we are standing with both feet on the ground. This will not only stabilize our body that is capable of withstanding dependencies, but also our confused feelings and reasonably boosts our confidence. Fire agate supports the revitalization of the reproductive organs and increases vitality and sex drive. Dendritic agate or větévkový supports entrepreneurs in their activities and decision making.

Horoscope Sign: Taurus, Scorpio

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