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Amber stones

Amber is actually fossilized resin of prehistoric pine trees in a golden or honey color. For Amber, the darker the amber, it is older. Sometimes there are also green amber that are colored plants that stained amber at its inception.

Amber is a stone Sluníčkova blazing rays, which brings into our gray stereotypical life of joy and optimism. Amber is a cornerstone of good mood that permeates not only our minds, but it is radiated into the environment and is highly contagious. Optimistic mood also increases spontaneity and vanishes apathy and laziness. Amber in the physical plane cures inflammations of all kinds. The largest effect is in the abdomen, where it helps with inflammation of the kidneys and urinary tract. Amber also helps with inflammation of the ear and in the early stages of the disease even when repeated. In these cases, we recommend wearing light amber earrings. Necklace or pendant amber turn moderates the thyroid imbalance and most mothers appreciate the small amber beads that help the child during teething.

Horoscope Sign: Gemini, Virgo and Lions

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