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Calcite stones

Calcite is one of the most abundant minerals in the world and can be found in many warm barvičkách, including clear. Calcite is a sky-blue, bright yellow, really golden, orange or brilliant green.

Clear calcite is actually cleaner such negative energy in space that can interfere with communication and relationships, not only at home, in the workplace, but also in any area in which we find long term. Clear calcite is also a friend and helper wizards, which supports them in their activities, whether beginners or more practitioners.

Yellow and orange calcite his Sluníčkova color brightens our mood and supports any activity in which we are embarking with taste and joyful ignition. Removes dark thoughts and affects the human body as a pick.

Blue calcite compared to the yellow brings calm and relaxation. Blue calcite supports communication, so it is suitable to wear as a pendant as close to the neck, in which the speech center. Calming and support communication works very well against stammer or stutter, and blue calcite helps us cleanse our dirty word for word even from the bad things that can hurt someone. In the physical plane helps strengthen teeth and overall skeletal system including cartilage.

Green calcite is our helper in calming too fast pace of life, which may be due to a heart attack. Green Calcite soothe, relieve anger and rage.

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