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Obsidian stones and shapes

Obsidian is volcanic glass, which does not form crystals and occurs in different colorations. Base is black obsidian, which can include white flakes or iridescent color. Mahogany obsidian has brown coloring with black spots.

Obsidian is a stone guardian prior to black magic and negative influences from the environment, such as hostility, envy or anger. The obsidian must be approached only with pure intentions and conscience, or do these negative thoughts will return with the same vigor back. Obsidian removes mental blockages each chakra, which impedes the flow of energy in the body and can also cause serious disease. Black Obsidian should be used only by people with experience with treatment using stones and only a short period of time. Obsidian Black with white flakes is slightly weaker than the actual black obsidian, has similar effects, but still gives us hope in the dark period of our lives. Rainbow obsidian removes blockages in particular, in the heart that we could leave it in past relationships and love. Mahogany obsidian black grounding our

ideas and drive them out of our body out towards the ground. In medical terms mahogany obsidian removes from the body and skin fungus.

Horoscope Sign: Scorpio, Libra, Capricorn

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