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Jasper stones

Jasper is a large group of gemstones in earthy colors of red, yellow, green and gray.

Red jasper stone is very vital that charges the body carnal energy. Red jasper promotes energy while the sexual instinct and proper blood flow to organs. It helps the blood circulation and metabolism of the organism.

Yellow jasper is a stone of good mood while strong grounding stone. This means that excessive outbursts circulated out of the body toward the ground, so it is suitable for all those who need to learn tolerance and forbearance, for example, at home or at work. In the physical plane the most active in the stomach, which helps heal gastric ulcers and soothe irritated gallbladder.

Brekciový jasper jasper combines different types into a single entity, so it is a stone alignment and harmony. Although it has a strong vibration effect, removes negative energy from the body and therefore it is a stone that brings calm and at the same time strengthening. Brekciový jasper supports all human needs that humans strengthen and increase its resistance, ie appetite, digestion and elimination of unnecessary or harmful substances.

Green jasper stone is grounding harmony. It brings with nature, of which man draws not only energy and wisdom that brings the understanding of natural laws, but also the need to protect human nature. In the physical plane of green jasper helps with all diseases resulting from stress, such as migraines or heart disease.

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