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Fluorite stones

The color is a clear green, purple, yellow, and there are also multi-colored species, which is based on the combination of these colors. According to various kinds of colored fluorite also divide its features.

Green fluorite in us awakens the desire for peace and purity, supports tired mind and suppresses excessive manifestations of our personality in the society. Wearing green fluorite as an appendage to help us in the treatment of lung diseases as well as in detoxification during a diet. Fluorite in green color helps regenerate all the cells in the body including the skin, which is especially useful for people prone to rashes and eczema.

Purple fluorite is particularly useful during meditation, which helps us better communicate with ourselves with our own thoughts and feelings. Purple fluorite brings the wisdom that comes from humility, love and self-knowledge. The medicine helps rid the body of fluorite from viruses and infections that attack us especially in the fall and spring.

Yellow fluorite attaching the belly harmonizes energy and lymph circulation in the body. Lymph is the body fluid that circulates in the body in the lymphatic system and binds the toxins that pollute our body. Yellow fluorite positive effect on all organs vyplavující impurities from the body such as the liver or urinary tract.

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