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Opal, opal mainly plays all the rainbow colors, which is called opalescence, fiery opal color reminds flames inside parts are special types of dendritic opal beige to brown color with a vrostlicemi Andean opal delicate cream to pink.

Opal is a special stone that can multiply our properties on which we do not want the neighborhood knew. These features opal highlighted not only for others, but for us, because we ourselves then we have the opportunity to fix what is wrong with these maladies deal. Opal gradually attach to various energy centers of the body (chakras), which ties in with the flows of energy in the body. The body is then strengthened and better able to resist negative influences from the environment. Fire opal brings vitality to our body and animal energy, which is particularly useful in the love life. Andean opal is fine opal brings love and affection to our parched hearts and opal with us dendrites tuned to the natural rhythms by which the world is controlled for centuries and that soothe our fast lifestyles.

Horoscope Sign: Pisces, Cancer, Capricorn

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